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The 2009 VOX Volvo P1800 by Mattias Vöcks

The 2009 VOX Volvo p1800

Tuning- and Koenigsegg engineer veteran Mattias Vöcks (creator of the 600hp 1967 Volvo Amazon voted as Sweden’s hottest Volvo in 2006) has started his work on the p1800, the car Roger Moore made famous in The Saint.

Now, so far there’s only 3D renderings (done by Bo Zollander of VizualTech to show where the project is supposed to go, but there’s some real images of the beginning work over at as well.

The 2009 VOX p1800 will sport a 4.4-litre Volvo V8 borrowed from the XC90 tuned up to deliver 600hp, a slightly modified front extended 70mm (for airflow and to to fit in that motor), a flat underside for aerodynamics, a rear diffuser and, by the look of it, huge wheels. Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing it with smaller rims, but let’s see how it looks like when it’s real and not just rendered.

Continue reading for a gallery of 2009 VOX Volvo P1800 images:

(via Pistonheads, Autoblog, Mothorauthority)


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